Shutting Off Everything… (RESULTS)

So this weekend I decided to go ahead to accept the “shutoff” challenge. (I guess that is what I am calling it). I went from Saturday morning, to Sunday evening, out of contact with the known world. Despite pissing off people that were trying to get in contact with me, I experienced some great results. In fact, I am thinking about doing it on a regular basis.

To recap, the shutoff challenge is to go 24 hours, ‘shutting off’ everything electronic. Similar to the concept of fasting, when you fast from food, your spirit become more open to being spiritual. Likewise, if you starve yourself of receiving these stimuli from electronic sources (television, internet, etc), your spirit will thrive.

So I experienced just that. I felt more in tuned with my spirit after turning off my devices.

My conclusion is that we naturally crave some form of interaction. Whether it is from other people, the television, or even the internet. So when we shut off the electronic form of interaction, we open ourselves up to being interactive with our spirit. In my opinion, this type of “electronic fasting” is even more powerful than fasting from food, because it involves our most basic form of communication.

One of the things that I noticed almost immediately was a relief of stress. No pressure. Being connected all the time almost always leads to heightened levels of stress anxiety. So what are my takeaways from this experiment? I think I learned three major things from this:

1. Appreciate your alone time. When you are alone, you create an atmosphere of communication with your spirit.

2. Take time out of each day to ‘shut off’. This will ground you, and relieve you of stress

3. Being in constant communication with all of your devices is not as important as you think. After almost 2 days being out of touch, I really didn’t miss much at all. If you would have asked me to do this a month ago, I would have assumed the world would have ended, and I would have been out of the loop.

So in conclusion, being in touch all the time is just an illusion. It is just as important to be in touch with your spirit. So I guess I am not a ‘nomophobe’ after all?


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