Actor Shia Lebouf Finds God while Filming Fury

Actor Shia Lebouf reportedly found God while filming the move Fury recently. His character plays a deeply religious man, moved by his convictions. To get into character, he researched the scriptures and became heavily engrossed in it. He became so engrossed that he eventually converted to it, from Judaism.

Is he being serious? Who are we to judge. If the man says he believes in Jesus, I will take his word for it. However many are not so convinced.

Laura Turner, of Christianity Today, makes the claim that Shia Lebouf was just ‘in character’ for his conversion, as part of his method acting style. Method acting is when an actor totally engrosses themselves in the character that they are playing, often times even when the cameras are not filming. She claims that Lebouf has a history of going over the top for his roles. This includes sending the production team of Nymphomaniac, a picture of his penis while filming, and even pulling out his tooth, while filming Fury. She goes on to say that after Lebouf’s role was over, so was his conversion to Christianity.

I watched an interview that he gave recently, and he sounded pretty sincere. Why go through all the hoops if it was just a role? I hope for his sake that he sticks with it. But then again, who am I to judge?


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