Is the Increase in Big Budget Hollywood Films a Good Thing?

Recently there have been a rise of big budget Hollywood films portraying traditional Biblical stories. The question to ask however, is this a good thing?

3 Movies that have been produced by the major studios are the Son of God, Noah, and Exodus. I have seen Son of God and Noah, and the movie Exodus is set to come out in December.

These movies have taken much criticism from the Christian community. Some say there are sacrilegious because they stray away from the teaching/story line of the Bible. Yet I have seen Son of God and I thought the movie was very true to the written gospels. I could understand some having a problem with the casting (which is subjective), but the storyline was very much in line with the scriptures.

Yet the movie Noah takes creative license to add much to the story. But we must understand that the story of the flood in the Bible is only 3 chapters (Genesis Chapter 6-9), and this covers almost 150 years! In contrast, the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, (4 whole books) cover only 3 and half years of Jesus life; so there is a lot more detail that we have about Jesus.

My personal opinion, whether you agree with the story line or not, is that these stories are shedding light on the Bible. I believe that any attention given to it is a good thing. For example, a few years ago, football player Tim Tebow, wrote John 3:16 on the shadow under his eyes, and it resulted in millions of people Googling ‘John 3:16’, bringing much attention to the holy scriptures.

So in conclusion, I believe that any attempt to shed light on the gospel is a good thing. The scriptures are rarely covered in main stream media, so these movies are creating mass exposure and causing a whole new generation to experience Christianity. After all, didn’t Jesus command us to publish the good news?


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