Shutting Everything Off…

I have recently decided to try a social experiment. This experiment involves turning off everything electronic: iPhone, television, iPad, Laptop; all communications for 24 hours. Here is a sidenote: if you know me at all, you know that I am always, ‘dialed in’. I’m always in contact with my phone, my social media feeds, all the time. I will even wake up in the middle of the night to respond to notification alerts coming through my cell phone.

How did this come about? I was recently watching Nicole Richie’s reality show in which her circle of friends coined a new term, nomophobia, the fear of being out of contact with your mobile phone. I thought to myself, is that me? Am I constantly in need to be around my phone? Even when nothing is happening (like at 3am in the morning).

I am sure many can relate to this. We rely on our smartphone for literally everything. Getting driving directions, news feeds, staying in contact with friends, even for looking up Bible scriptures?! So this experiment attempts to strip down all of these ‘1st World’ luxuries and be able to better tap into my spirit. If Christianity is all about having a relationship with Christ, then stripping down all these things should allow us to better tap into hearing His voice, and tuning out all others. I encourage you to join me in this as well. Here are the details:

Go 24 hours without being connected to any outside source:



internet (via computer)


So are you going to join me? Tune in next time, where I will post my results


Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself…

Hello there. Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Troy… (excuse the Jay-Z reference). For the next few months I am going to be blogging about Christianity in the mainstream culture. But why me? Why Christianity?

Well first of all, it seems like everything is getting attention in the mainstream media, but not our old school religious beliefs. Despite the fact that most Americans do have some form of belief, no one really talks about it anymore. In my life, I was raised in the church and it was something my family held dear.

My father would take us to church every Sunday morning, and my family actually enjoyed going. Playing gospel music in the car, such songs as “Jesus is Love” from Lionel Richie, and Shirley Cesaer songs still resonate in the back of my mind on Sundays.

In my life, I’ve come a long way since those days of listening to gospel music in the car with my family on my way to church. I have lived in 6 different states and have changed several times in that timespan. But the one thing that has not changed is the rock of religion that has been by my side. I have changed careers several times, was in several different relationships, hairstyles, cars, and houses, but yet that has remained constant. God has always been my help and best friend. Does this resonate with you too?

I still love church and still love seeing its impact on people across the world. So thats the point of me writing and shedding light on it. If you have stories that are relevant, please feel free to send them in to me, or just feel free to comment below.